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The pool season is open!!!

Posted by Su Allen on Tue October 20, 2020 in GUBAS DE HOEK insights.

Summer is here. The water has 21 degrees. The pool season is open.

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Join us for a German South African Christmas.

Posted by Balbina on Fri October 9, 2020 in GUBAS DE HOEK insights.

South Africans celebrate Christmas in much the same way as we Germans.

We spread good cheer, enjoy Christmas traditions – like baking cookies – decorate our homes. Join up with friends and reconnect with family we might not have seen for most of the year, enjoy a delectable dinner, sing Christmas carols, behave more generously than usual, and wrap presents for under the tree.

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Posted by Balbina on Wed August 5, 2020 in GUBAS DE HOEK insights.

We can travel again. We joined forces, used the quiet time and did all kind of renovations.
The floor got sanded and sealed, the curtains washed, the furniture got a treatment.
The lounge looks like brand new again.

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We're Tourism!

Posted by Balbina on Tue July 21, 2020 in GUBAS DE HOEK insights.

The government seems to forget, that every waiter, receptionist and service lady/man is tourism.

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Covid 19 guidance and hygiene plan.

Posted by Balbina on Tue May 19, 2020 in GUBAS DE HOEK insights.

Before the Coronavirus, GUBAS DE HOEK meet eat sleep meant being hands-on, social and closely engaged. Now, in the aftermath, it will have to be quite the opposite. We’d like to inform our future guests, what measure and actions we’ll take in order to provide a clean and sanitised environment and make them feel safe and taken care of on their visit.

We encourage everyone to avoid the crowd and spend their deserved breakaways on the countryside.

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