A community unites.

Posted by Balbina in Your guide in Robertson..

The riots in Nkqubela ended up with a lot of homeless people.
It was a great thing to see, how many people in Robertson stood together and helped the affected Zimbabwean community.

We like to thank Smart, Lovemore, and others from the Zimbabwean community, as well as Nancy from GUBAS DE HOEK for their engagement and support, that the right people could gain from our food hampers, which gave at least a small release to the people.


Our team at GUBAS DE HOEK consists of immigrants from different countries and locals.

For those, who started the riots, please remember, that employers do not want troublemakers!
Put your efforts into your education, which will guarantee you jobs.
Violence creates more problems!

People will get work when they are willing to educate themselves and willing to learn.
In any kind of job, one needs friendliness, respect for the people, and rules. One must be willing to perform to do a job always as best as you can, at the time when the guests/clients/harvest do request it.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world! N. Mandela