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The guest is staying – How to clean the room.

November 25, 2015 by Balbina No Comment

Gubas-deHoek 9 gardenloft with PatienceImportant: Never touch valuables from the guests, like jewellery, purse etc…..
1. Knock at the door, call your name and service please, knock again and open if no replay.
2. Attention, don’t knock, if you see the “Do not disturb sign”.
3. Open the door, enter the room, open the windows and place all dishes and glasses in the bathroom.
4. Clean the bathroom as already mentioned.
Change only those towels on the floor and check those one’s hanging. If they’re dirty, we change them as well, otherwise we fold them open in half to let them dry.
5. Open up the bed and check if sheets, pillows and duvets are clean. If yes we make up the bed, otherwise we change the bedding.
6. Tidy up the room, hang the clothes on hangers and dust the room.
7. Check if the flowers are still ok and have water
8. Mop the floor and put everything nicely on its place.
9. Close the windows and door and if it is very hot, the shutters as well.

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