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Guest house training

DATE 22-29 September 2014

NAME: Su-Allen Robain

DEPARTMENT – Intern marketing – Housekeeping


What did I do?  Clean the guestroom including the bathroom.

Why did I do this?  A friendly welcome, a clean room, a good bed and a good breakfast are the most essentials in a guest house.

I want to show the guest that I always go an extra mile to make everything comfortable for him/her, and I can always tell a guest in a proud way that I cleaned the room for him/her.

GUEST ROOM – The guest is departing

When you enter the room, open the windows –for fresh air.

  • Check the cupboards- to make sure guests took all belongings.
  • Take the bedding off the beds-to be washed.
  • Clean cups and glasses -for the next use.
  • Empty the bin-for when the next guests arrive, ready to use.
  • Do the bed/s properly and neat-Ready to use for arrival guests.
  • Check lamps-to avoid any problems with light when guests arrive.
  • Dust everything off in the room-for neatness.
  • Refill the refreshment bowl-If guests wants to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Switch television on and off again-to make sure the channels works.
  • Clean the floor and don’t forget the corners – It must be clean at all times.


  • Open the windows-for fresh air.
  • Take out dirty towels-to put in fresh ones.
  • Empty the bin-ready to use for next guests.
  • Let water runs in the basin-to clean cups and glasses.
  • Spray the toilet with liquid provided-for hygiene and bacteria reasons.
  • Take the blue and white lappie to clean the shower and tiles inside the shower.
  • Take the yellow lappie to polish all the taps, to let it shine.
  • Dust everything off in the bathroom – the bathroom must be clean at all times.
  • Brush the toilet with the toilet brush and clean then further with the pink lappie – for hygiene reasons.
  • Use green lappie to clean all the mirrows – to let it shine.
  • Polish the taps and the basin – for neatness and to let it shine.
  • Make sure everything needed in the toilet is there for example toilet paper, tissues, tooth glasses, mirror, crème, soap, shower gel, shampoo and earbuds – guests is going to need it.
  • Clean the floor, watch out for hairs – for neatness and it must be ready for the arrival guests.


Pearl November 9, 2015 at 4:10 pm

I think that a room should be clean and fresh at all times as there are so many people that book in and out and some people can leave a big mess so its important to make sure that the room is fresh and clean, neat as well fr the next client. keep up the good work, every kind of lodge even 5 star lodges have to maintain a clean environment for their clients.

Balbina November 10, 2015 at 7:09 am

You’re right, this is the result after the work is done. Our training explains, how to achieve this goal.

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