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GUBAS DE HOEK – Let’s start cleaning – Patience is cleaning a bathroom.

October 25, 2015 by Balbina 1 Comment

Water, Temperature, Mechanic (Machine or hands), Chemical



It always works from the top to the floor and from the back to the front!
All guests can expect a hygienic clean bathroom to enjoy their stay at GUBAS DE HOEK meet eat sleep.
Tools: Cleaning box, bucket with water and mop.
10 steps to clean a bath room.
1. Bring all cups and glasses in the bathroom and fill the basin with water
2. Check toilet, flash if needed and add toilet bowl cleaner (let the time work.)
3. Wash all glasses and cups, dry them and put them back.
4. Add hygienic cleaner to the water in the basin
5. Wash the blue cloth and clean the shower / bath from the top to the floor and use the beige cloth for polishing the taps. (Check the trap.)
6. Brush the toilet and flash, rinse the red cloth and spray hygienic cleaner on and wipe the toilet from the top to the floor.
a. Do the handle first!
7. Use spirit water and clean the mirror.
8. Clean the bathroom desk and empty the basin. Wipe out the basin and polish the taps.
9. Check all amenities, that they’re full and clean.
10. Add the towels and mop the floor.
No you can go to the room.

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Sharon Reams June 11, 2017 at 11:24 am

Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom, however by staying aware of it, the employment turns out to be a great deal less difficult. Thanks for sharing the ideas over there.

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