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DATE: 06-12 October 2014
NAME: Su-Allen Robain
DEPARTMENT –intern marketing –Laundry

What did I do?
I was washing and ironing.

Why did I do this?
To let a guest feel welcome in a room when he/she see that the bedding is clean and neat. It is always nice to see when a guest is impressed with a bed and you know you did it.


• The washing comes from the rooms in the laundry.
• 1. It has to be sorted in
o White bedding
 1 night stay = Quick wash = 30₀ 15 Min
 2 + nights stay = Mixed wash 40₀ 45 Min
o Brown towels = Mixed wash 40 ₀ 45 Min
o White towels = Power wash 60 ₀ 60 Min
o Do not wash color and white things together.

• Put all the white bedding together and put it in the washing machine, but make sure it is always a full machine. One doesn’t wash white things together with other color washing.

• Set the washing machine to the requested program.

• When the machine is finish take the washing completely out of the machine and hang it straight on the washing line.

• Take it off before it is completely dry and fold it ready to be pressed. The washing must not be too dry, otherwise the crinkles doesn’t come out easily when it is pressed.

• Do not overload the machine. – max 3 sheets, 3 duvets and 3 pillows and quick wash.

• When it is white towels you use the Omo not the other washing powder. Omo have bleach in it to whiten the washing.

• Start with the warm water tap on mixed or power program and change after 30 min to the cold water for rinsing. (We can use the hot water from the sun, this saves power because the machine doesn’t need to heat up the water.

• Press the bedding proper with the iron pressing machine and pack it away need and straight in the cupboard with the folded side showing to the cupboard door.

• Sort it neatly in the cupboard. Big sheets, single sheets, fitted sheets, single duvets, pillow cases, continental pillow cases, big white towels, and so on.

• Try always to pack everything on its place. This is even more important when we’re busy because the whole team in working there and wants this place nice and neat.

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